Expert Adjudication specialises in large matters and matters involving complex jurisdictional or other legal points. Expert Adjudication recognizes that parties often devote considerable resources to the preparation and defense of these matters and that all matters deserve the attention of an appropriately qualified and experienced adjudicator.

Expert Adjudication is focused on identifying, attracting and using only the best adjudicators.

Expert Adjudication only refers matters to adjudicators who:

  • are appropriately qualified;
  • have significant experience in construction matters, including construction law;
  • have demonstrated highly developed communication skills, particularly in writing;
  • have a sophisticated understanding of security of payment legislation; and
  • have knowledge of, and commitment to, the requirements of natural justice in the adjudication context.

Expert Adjudication does not restrict itself to adjudicators who have paid to undertake its training courses or have contracted to buy other services from it.

Expert Adjudication does not solicit or accept payment from adjudicators.

Expert Adjudication’s fees are fixed and Expert Adjudication accordingly derives no benefit from how much an adjudicator charges or how long an adjudicator takes to decide a matter.

Where Expert Adjudication is satisfied that the parties have freely agreed upon an adjudicator to resolve a particular matter, and have done so after the dispute has arisen, Expert Adjudication will endeavour to refer that matter to the parties’ chosen adjudicator.