You are only entitled to respond to an adjudication application if you provided a payment schedule:

  • within 10 business days of receiving the payment claim; or
  • within 5 business days of receiving notice, if any, of the claimant’s intention to apply for adjudication.

You may respond to an adjudication application by lodging an adjudication response with Expert Adjudication.

Your response must:

  • be in writing;
  • be lodged within the time limits prescribed by the Act;
  • identify the payment claim and payment schedule (if any) to which it relates;
  • contain all submissions and supporting materials which you want the adjudicator to consider.

Your response must not include any reasons for withholding payment that were not included in the payment schedule provided to the claimant.

Your response does not need to be in any particular form but your case will be more easily understood if you:

  • set out your submissions in numbered paragraphs;
  • use a new paragraph for each point you wish to make;
  • use concise language;
  • adopt a logical structure which, where possible, reflects the structure adopted by the claimant;
  • address each point raised in the payment schedule and adjudication application; and
  • give substance to each submission by referring to relevant legal authority or appropriate supporting material as the case may be.