Expert Adjudication charges

  • an application fee; and
  • a fee for an adjudication certificate, if one is required.

Parties are also jointly and severally liable to pay their adjudicator's fees and expenses.

Application fee

Unless otherwise agreed, the application fee payable to Expert Adjudication depends on the size of your claim.

Application fee

For claims up to $100,000


For claims over $100,000 but not exceeding $750,000         


For claims over $750,000


The application fee must accompany your application.

Payment can be made by cheque, bank cheque, money order, or direct deposit to BSB 112-879 Acct No 421869302.

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to Expert Adjudication.

No GST is presently payable on the application fee.

Adjudicator's fees and expenses

The amount of your adjudicator's fees and expenses will depend to a significant extent on the time taken to determine your matter. Parties can help keep fees reasonable by limiting the issues in dispute and ensuring their submissions are concise, well structured and to-the-point.

Experienced adjudicators are more likely to take less time to determine matters and more likely to deliver a better quality decision.

Parties are jointly and severally liable to pay their adjudicator's fees and expenses but, as a matter of practice, an adjudicator will ordinarily invoice the claimant for the adjudicator's expenses and fees and will ordinarily withhold his or her decision until paid.

Unless your adjudicator determines otherwise, parties are liable to contribute to the payment of their adjudicator's fees and expenses in equal  proportions. In practice, this often means that the losing party is liable for a greater proportion of the adjudicator's fees and expenses than the successful party and may even be liable for all the adjudicator's fees and expenses.

Where parties choose their adjudicator, the adjudicator's fees and expenses may be agreed between the adjudicator and the parties to the adjudication.

In all other cases, the adjudicator's fees and expenses must be reasonable having regard to the work done and expenses incurred by the adjudicator.

Expert Adjudication does not set adjudicator fees but will not refer any matter to an adjudicator unless his or her fees and expenses are reasonable.

For further information on adjudicator fees and expenses, please contact Expert Adjudication on (02) 9130 8908 or 0418 248 086.

Fee for adjudication certificate

The fee for an adjudication certificate is $350.

No GST is presently payable on the fee for an adjudication certificate.